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The AI revolution will stall. Many investments will fail.

Celebrated technology entrepreneur, Mike Lynch, explores the recent stunning advances in AI but warns of some of the misunderstood difficulties with these advanced technologies.

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Weaponized AI

Darktrace Advisory Board member, Dr Lynch, discusses why we can expect to see more and more weaponized AI as 2018 becomes the year of the machine-on-machine attack.

A version of this article appeared in Wired.

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Mike Lynch explores the realities of creative AI and whether or not robots can be emotional.

A version of this article appeared in Huffington Post.

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Trust in Technology

Dr Lynch explores the troubling phenomenon of fake news and why technology should be seen as part of a solution to provide checks and balances on humans’ intent on exploiting it.

A version of this article in Cambridge Business.

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The Data Economy

Technologist Mike Lynch takes a look at how the role of data has changed and why it may well be the new oil. Both valuable, of strategic national importance – and a security risk.

2016/09/30Read the post
The Wisdom of Crowds

In this blog, Dr Lynch discusses the impact of an e-democracy and whether polling stations in our pockets would lead to a fairer society.

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In this interview with LeadersIn, Dr Lynch discusses his early career working on fundamental methods in the field of AI and how he built one of the most successful technology companies on the FTSE 100.
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Teenage AI Chatbot

Invoke Capital founder Mike Lynch discusses Microsoft’s failed teenage chat bot and whether it raises concerns over humans’ (rather than AI’s) moral judgment.

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In celebration of UK enterprise

Serial technology entrepreneur Mike Lynch discusses the significance of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and why technology in particular is such a crucial part of the UK’s contribution to the world stage.

2016/04/25Read the post
NGOs must adopt technology to do good

While the developing world adopts technology at a remarkable pace, Dr Lynch explores why NGOs are stuck with outdated tech and why it’s crucial they catch up in order to continue to do good.

2016/03/10Read the post
A new era of machine learning

As we embark on a new era of machine intelligence, Mike Lynch discusses the reality of unsupervised machine learning and its applications to the world around us.

A version of this article appeared in Cambridge News.

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The Rise and Rise of the Machines

2015 marked the beginning of a new era in cyber defense – two fully autonomous artificial intelligences go to war in anger: an attacker and a defender. The battlefield was a corporate network and the prize, control of the company. By Dr Mike Lynch, OBE FREng FRS.

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