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Why it’s time to shake up Britain’s industrial intervention policy

The Critic: Dr Mike Lynch on why we must protect our key strategic assets with the same rigour as we do our critical national security and intelligence infrastructure.

After a period of great change comes great opportunity.

Dr Mike Lynch on how the UK can adapt effectively and efficiently in the aftermath of the pandemic.

2020/11/11Watch the video
Alastair Lukies and Dr Mike Lynch discuss how the UK can bring about the supercharged, sustainable tech sector.
2020/10/29Watch the video
"It's our innovation and our openness to the future and now the freedom we have to implement that, that will allow Britain to become the place you go to do technology."

Dr Mike Lynch on why the UK has an opportunity to become the go-to country for the world's brightest tech entrepreneurs and most exciting advancements.

2020/10/07Watch the video
The Advantages and Challenges of Scaling Tech Companies in the UK

Darktrace Advisory Board Member and celebrated technology entrepreneur, Dr Mike Lynch OBE, sits down with Poppy Gustafsson, CEO of Darktrace, to discuss the challenges facing tech companies looking to scale in the UK and the potential impact of Brexit. Darktrace was seed-funded by Invoke and the Invoke team played an instrumental role working with the company's founders in the early days.

2020/09/20Read the post
The bid for ARM is a wake-up call for the UK.

In this letter to the editor, Dr Mike Lynch OBE discusses why the ARM deal serves as a wake-up call for the UK to recognise the critical strategic national importance of British technology.

A version of this article appeared in the Financial Times.

The Critic: Why does the UK have so few major tech companies despite its world-leading R&D?

Dr Mike Lynch talks to The Critic's political editor, Graham Stewart, about the policies that need to change, and those that must be implemented, in order to deliver on the Government's ambition to establish a 'thriving tech sector' in the UK post-Brexit.

The critical role of the UK's tech sector in protecting and preserving Britain's sovereignty.

Dr Mike Lynch OBE discusses the strategic important of the UK's technology sector and why we must defend and bolster our tech companies if we want to protect Britain's sovereignty.

2020/08/01Watch the video
The possibilities and pitfalls of AI.

At CogX 2020, Dr Mike Lynch OBE in conversation with Tortoise Media Partner, Alexandra Mousavizadeh.

2020/06/25Watch the video
How to Spot a Successful AI Company.

In this exclusive interview with John Reynolds, Dr Mike Lynch OBE shares his view on how to spot a successful AI company, the post-Covid economy and how he became one of Britain's most established technology entrepreneurs.

A version of this article appeared in The Currency.

London First Podcast: Artificial Intelligence's Role in the Recovery.

Dr Mike Lynch, founder of Invoke Capital and artificial intelligence pioneer, joined John Dickie and Laura Osborne to explore the role of AI in London's recovery. From remote working technology, through to the jobs of the future, this episode digs into what new normal could look like and why there could be less to fear than we might think.

Entrepreneurs Must Always Plan like Winter is coming.

Invoke Capital Founder Dr Mike Lynch OBE on why it is crucial for both young companies and investment firms to be prepared for a downturn and build technology that can flourish regardless.

A version of this article appeared in The Telegraph.